FOR ALL OCCASIONS Exquisite Flowers To give a gift of love, to gift a smile from ear to ear, the beauty of flowers is enough. Shop flowers FOR ALL OCCASIONS Exquisite Flowers In times of happiness and grief, a little flower for your loved one can go a long way. Shop flowers FOR ALL OCCASIONS Exquisite Flowers We curate flower arrangements for splendid celebrations to make you smile wide. Shop flowers

Dorothy’s of Werribee

We are a dedicated local owned florist offering you fresh, premium quality flowers and stunning floral design.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Beautifully designed floral designs to provide you with a soothing experience.

Captivating Arrangements

The flower arrangements are curated for every occasion, to enchant the receivers.

Feel Good Flowers

The flowers are synonymous with positivity, and inspire us to bloom no matter what.


We fully service weddings with flowers, centrepieces, decorations and more.

Best sellers

Infinitely Green

We also provide a huge variety of plants with the best choices in Melbourne.

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